Shit happens!

On the 13th of december, thieves broke into my house and stole my entire photo equipment as well as the main part of my electronic devices:

We're still waiting for the estimate of the insurance company, but we already know that we will not be fully refunded for what we've been stolen (around 15 000€ worth of equipment) :(

Those who know me know that I'am not eager to complain nor to demoralize; they also know that I don't hesitate to ask for help when I need some or to help someone in trouble. As I need to quickly re-buy a big part of my equipment in order to get back to work, I've decided to launch a little Crowd ReFunding campaign on Kapipal.

If you want to contribute and help me because:

  • …I worked for you for free
  • …I offered you some free pictures
  • …I discounted my fares when I worked for you …You like one of my 9 ready-to-print pictures
  • …You would like a printed copy of one of my pictures that you can select among my archive (you can go through them here or on Facebook)
  • …You need some new pictures
  • …You would like to cover an event

You can contribute buying one of my product or services or suggest me one.

You can also help me to buy some second-hand equipment. Write me a mail and I'll let you know what I'am looking for.


Laura Mayne a l'Olympia

Apres avoir écouté et vue des dizaines de fois le concert de Paolo Conte a l'Olympia, pour moi c’était devenu un lieu mythique. Pour le retour sur scène de Laura Mayne, j'ai eu l'occasion d'y rentrer autant que photographe. J'ai pas été déçu! L'endroit est somptueux, et la voix de Laura est sublimissime.. un grand moment de rêve!